cement, fertilizer, salt, drinking water, vitamins, what do you think?

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As an exchange dedicated to alternative raw materials, particularly nanomaterials, I would have to suggest the commodities of tomorrow will include many that are currently OTC but most certainly will include nanomaterials. 

Bearing in mind the relative "newness" of these materials, it is not suprising the Commodity industry does not yet find itself familiar with the paradigm shift these materials will introduce as they progress. Now a formal exchange is created to trade NMs and other commodities such as Commodity Polymers (150 grades), Industrial Chemicals and Base Energy, areas where NMs are highly relevant in the near term this proces can act as a focal point for anyone interested and responsible about the emerging field. 

The fact the ability for brokers to organise around the self-regulatory and compliant EHS structure including SHE Accrediation, formal inspection and tracing of NMs creating by this exchange in collaboration with many of the stewardship agencies in NMs opens up a new opportunity for the commodity industry to get involved. While a commercial user as opposed to investment exchange, it is often forgotten that most commodity exchanges we have today all started as commercial as opposed to investment exchanges. 

An interesting feature we have noticed which encouraged us to list a number of more traditional materials was the fact we have been innundated with interest expressed in many traditional commodity sectors since formal launch in December 2010 after 4 years of input. 

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